Get My recent apps for symbian free, limited period

My Recent Apps

First begin by wishing Kenyans a happy Independence day, called Jamhuri day in Swahili. Its been 48 years! Have all the fun you can get, and remember to stay safe and thank your God for the success.

My Recent AppsNow there is this app for Symbian that you need to download ASAP if you are on Symbian OS, that is while its free.  There is a December 5 day sale free on Nokia store The app is My Recent Apps, developed by MondayCoder. Its monday today by the way, just to rhyme it up. This app, once installed will display 20 of your recently opened applications on the applications’ grid, and also 5 apps on a homescreen widget.

The app will allow you to:

  1. open an application in the list by clicking on the icon on the grid.
  2. See applications running on the background,
  3. Close applications all together or one by one, whichever pleases you.
Compatibility of the app is Symbian Anna and Belle, I hope there is none of you not upgraded their Symbian^3 to Anna atleast.

Download link:

Somebody already has it on file sharing sites.