Twitter for S40, Nokia just got jab in the arm

twitter for nokia s40

twitter for nokia s40Nokia just got a jab in the arm with the publishing of Twitter for Series 40 official app on Nokia Store. We all know the twitter experience on Series 40 and Symbian has been wanting, with users being left with an option to either use Dabr and it’s modifications, Series 40 had even lesser options and what Nokia provided, the Ovi by Nokia has so much work it needed to become the ideal twitter client. Twitter mobile web is even better. Twitter clients are meant to give a better experience than what you already have on twitter, right?

Why I say this is a jab in the arm is, have you tried sharing an image on Symbian or S40 on the native Nokia app? Yeah, it’s hectic, and if Ovi has issues you are stuck. So this new twitter app is said to work like the  android or blackberry twitter clients. I cannot talk much of the twitter client on Windows phone, which I have not used for long, it’s also lacking in some essential things like she reply to all feature. Twitter for Series 40 will allow one to preview images right from within the app, share, edit retweets and plus it promises to be an easy to load and use app. There is the discover feature, just like on other twitter applications and you can see your mentions and reactions on the @connect feature. I havent tried the Series 40 twitter app which is already available on Nokia Store, so before I can play with it, please download it and tell us of the experience. Future Series 4 devices will have this app pre-installed, which will make it easier for users to jump in straight to a good experience from the word go.