XMAS HUGS Robot uses Galaxy Tab 10.1 as brain and Galaxy S II as heart

Xmas hugs

Xmas hugsSamsung partnered with RT Corp to create a robot named Hug-Chan, specifically for Christmas. The robot has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE for a brain, you can even see the eyes. For the heart they used a Samsung Galaxy S 2, no  much clothing to make it more human was done but some air-filled plastic bags, I also wonder why it was made so short, I dont think it can hug adults. The robot was made mainly to have fun via dancing with people, sing Christmas songs and most importantly give hugs. Remember Samsung sending a Samsung Galaxy S II into space? I didnt follow that up though.

That was just a showoff of what Samsung devices are capable of and spread the Christmas Spirit while at it. The robot is available at the Galaxy Cafe in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. For those who cant make it, just enjoy the video, or go to the XMAS HUGS website.

Well, this goes to show that Samsung Engineers are pathetic at dancing, lol.