Samsung surpasses 3.5m mark for Galaxy S 2 sales in S Korea

Samsung Galaxy S II 10 million

Samsung Galaxy S II 3 millionSamsung Galaxy S II has surpassed 3.5 million devices sold in the local market of South Korea. The device surpassed 3 million mark last year, and as of mid September, has passed 3.5 million sales in Korea. Samsung’s mobile phone market share in Korea increased by 59% last month, due to high demand for Samsung Galaxy S2, up from 50% in July.

Previous version, Samsung Galaxy S took a bit longer to achieve this and it took a year to sell 3 million units as opposed to its counterpart Galaxy S 2 which sold a million, only a month after release, 2 mill on the 73rd day. Thats three times faster than Samsung Galaxy.

The industry expects the sales volume to go above four million units within the year, keeping the current momentum. If the prediction turns out to be right, the Galaxy S2 will become the first mobile device to sell more than four million units as a single product.


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