10 Million: The number of Galaxy S II units sold Globally

Samsung Galaxy S II 10 million

Samsung Galaxy S II 10 million
Samsung Galaxy S II is the best Smartphone currently by any standards, try to convince consumers otherwise you will be surprised. Samsung Galaxy S II has made its 10 million mark in just 5 months, and demand is growing, patents or no patents. As we speak, there are two court cases going on in the Hague and Australia, but customers are just chucking cash to get a grab at this hero.

Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy S II beat the predecessor, Galaxy S which hit the 10 million mark in 7 months. Previously the Samsung record was achieved by Samsung Star S5230 in 6 months. 3.4 million of the devices were sold in Europe, these being France, Germany and Russia, then 2.3 million in Asia. Samsung has sold 3.6 million Galaxy S II in South Korea alone.


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