Bada 2.0.3 SDK released, now available for download

Bada 2.0.3

Samsung released a new SDK of Bada, the Bada version 2.0.3 to resolve some issues with the OS and also add some features to it. Resolved issues are:

The WQVGA resolution support has now gone from beta to final in the new SDK, additional language support for voice functions, test kit support that allows devs to install multiple apps on the target device, bada RSS builder to build apps using RSS feeds, performance improvements and more below.


  • IDE
    1. bada RSS builder
      • New RSS Application template is added.
    2. Potential Bug Checker
      • The uninitialized variables and divided by zero checks are added.
      • Performance is increased with incremental analysis.
      • The bug list can be annotated with a classification.
  • SDK
    1. Platform binaries for each target device are provided on the bada developer site for proper debugging.
    2. For detailed information about added and changed APIs, see the C++ API Change Notes.

C++ Framework

  • Osp::Ads::Controls
    1. Ad control
      • The bada Ads library package version is upgraded to 2.0.3, where the issue of the top-left coordinate of the Ad control is resolved for bada 2.0 applications.
  • Osp::Locations
    1. Remote location provider
      • All classes and methods related to the remote location provider are deprecated.
    2. Remote landmark store
      • All classes and methods related to the remote landmark store are deprecated.
  • Osp::Net:Wifi
    1. Adhoc feature
      • All classes and methods related to the Adhoc feature are deprecated. Instead of using this feature, use the classes related to Wi-Fi Direct™.
  • Osp::Social
    1. Profile service
      • All classes and methods related to the profile service are deprecated.
    2. Privacy manager
      • All classes and methods related to the privacy manager are deprecated.
    3. Buddy service
      • All classes and methods related to the buddy service are deprecated.
  • Osp::Uix
    1. Voice
      • Korean-Kr and Chinese-Cn are added.

Here is the download page.

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