Samsung [email protected] 222 Unboxing Video

Samsung Ch@t 222, Samsung chat 222

This will be my first unboxing video, I have been saying I will do this but finally have mustered the courage to do it. Enjoy the video, its just one for me opening the box, showing the phone and peripherals, nothing much really. See what the phone selling at around Kshs 7000 has to offer. Bear with the video quality, am not a pro there, but you should get something off this new-in-the-Kenyan-Market dual sim phone.

Enjoy the video:


  1. […] Blogger Martin Gicheru shot an unboxing video of the Samsung [email protected] 222. Check it out below. Kindly follow us on Twitter & also like our Facebook Page Share *{margin:0; padding:0;} #socialbuttonnav li{background:none;overflow:hidden;width:65px; height:80px; line-height:30px; margin-right:2px; float:left; text-align:center;} #fb { text-align:center;border:none; } […]

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