Samsung Sits top of helm in America Mobile Phone Market [STATS]

Mobile usage survey

30,000 mobile subscribers were subjects of a study in the American Market that shows Samsung to be the tom handset manufacturer. Samsung topped the list with 25.3% marketshare with Google’s Android as the biggest platform with 47.3%. This is a 3 month survey from Octover, November and December. Other device makers were LG at second with 20%, Motorola third with 13.3%. Apple came fourth with 12.4 which was a gain and RIM closed the top 5 with 6.7%.

A total of 97.9 million people living in the US own smartphones making 40% of all mobile subscribers for the period ending December. Android has 47.3% Of these 98 million subscribers which is a 2.5% gain from September, and Apple got 29.6% which is a 2.2% gain. The rest of the smartphone market share went to RIM with 16%, Microsoft 4.7% and Symbian is least with 1.4%. So we can see who is losing steadily.

According to the study, 74.3 mobile phone users used text messaging which is an increase of 3.2% Apps usage is at 47.6%, an increase of 5.1%. 47.5% of the mobile subscribers used mobile browsers, up by 4.6% while uptake of social media is at 35.3% indicating an increase of 3.8%. Gaming stood at 31.4%, also an increase, of 2.6%. Music listening had a 2.9% increase to 23.8%. If you are a developer you can learn the trends and tell where you wanna bet your money.

Mobile usage surveyMobile usage surveySource: Cellular News