A whole two thirds of Google+ users are male

Two thirds of Google plus users Male

Two thirds of Google plus users MaleHalf a year down the line after the launch of Google plus, Website-monitoring.com shows the progress of the social network. The infographic report shows that a huge chunk of Google+ users come from the USA followed by India. Out of this, two thirds of users(67%) are male, maybe this could be linked to the fact that Google+ came off a mail service and android as opposed to the social network that facebook or twitter are from the word go. You would assume that this automatically makes the other 23% female but no, there is a one percent that is ranked as “others” in the graphic.

Top in the occupations is students at 20% followed by software engineers, consultants and managers(this can tend to explain how most of these peeps are male). On the cities report, Balgalore takes the cream followed by New York, London, Hyderabad and Los Angeles closed the top five. Relationship status would be as expected, since most of these are students, means they are prone to be more single at 42%, married users come second at 27% and something worthy of note is there is that 0.43% that has indicated to be in a civil union.
Something else included in the report is the number of times the Google +1 button is used and thats 5 billion times a day(people are plus one-ing on their hordes). 625,000 new users joined Google+ a day in the month of December. The Google+ iphone app became the most popular free app on apple store in under a day of launch. China and Iran have reduced their Google+ block.

Britney Spears is the most followed individial at 1,765,568 followers, Snoop Dogg comes second with 1.5 million, Google’s Larry Page comes third with 1.4 million followers. Tyra Banks and Richard Branson come fourth and fifth respectively.

In the pages category, Coldplay comes first at 714,547, Red Hot Chilli peppers, Pearl Jam, Sugarland ans Train follow respectively.

And most importantly are the brands. N & M tops the list followed by Samsung USA, Pepsi, Burberry ans Starbucks closes the top five. Top media goes to ESPN, BBC News< Mashable< PBS Newshour and New York Times in that order. Android topped in the services category followed by Google Chrome, Google+, Gmail and Google Developers. In this category, only two of the services topping the first ten isnt associated with Google, and that’s Hannes Schleeh and Valeria Landivar, both of them Social Media Consultants.

Here is the full info-graphic.

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