You might just get a HP Windows 8 tablet this year

HP windows 8 tablet

HP windows 8 tabletHP has been through alot, from purchasing a mobile phone company Palm and its OS to at some point giving up on PC and mobile phone business. HP aims at achieving two things, being a cloud computing giant and launching a windows 8 tablet.

HP CEO Meg Whitman was speaking at a Wall Street Journal event in California when she indicated that HP intends to be best known for Cloud Computing in the next two or three years. They want to to host your data and offer business management tools, recovery and security.

HP also aims to get their windows 8 tablet out during the yearand hope for the tablet to scale unlike the still-born webOS project that they did and cancelled as soon as it went on sale. Acknowledging that this is a field with huge comoetition from the inventors of the tablet, Apple, HP aims to prioritize security and management features to give value on their tablet.


  1. For me, HP just lost the clients confidence when it comes to tablets after announcing its end hp tablet last year. Do you think that the new Windows 8 based tablet will make any breakthrough as per reviews we have a shortage of window 8 apps developers same as it was with WebOs. HP is just confused in tablets field but i hail them in data storage equipment though.

    • HP went downhill by that announcement, same as Nokia and windows, but recent happenings have changed the way people look at windows, talk about affordability and lower threshold to device specs entry(Tango). The HP PC has also lost alot of credibility, but all it takes is one good product with most necessary apps bundled and they are on their way to acceptance.

      There has been varied reviews about the Metro UI though, most range from quite good to very negative.

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