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Tech Companies That Have Suspended Services in Russia

Russia has now passed North Korea and Iran to become the most sanctioned nation in the world following President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The...

HP Seizes Over 7,000 Counterfeit Products in Kenya and Tanzania

Computer manufacturer HP alongside local authorities have nabbed more than 700 illicit items in Kenya and Tanzania. According to a report, officials identified ten major...

Kenya’s Computer Retail Space is Far Too Broken

Kenya as a country has a big problem. I'm not talking about the kind of political or economic problems you're thinking of. When it...
HP Elite X3

Popular Computer Company goes to Android

According to a new report, one of the world's leading computer companies is considering the transition of its intended devices primarily to businesses on...

Samsung Confirms it is Spinning Off its Printer Business

HP to buy Samsung's printer business at over $1 billion.

PC Shipments to Middle East and Africa Region Take a Beating in Q4 2015

Globally, the PC has seen its worst days. Things are not any better in certain regions as well as the latest report from the...

Microsoft going after Chromebooks with new budget HP laptop?

Back at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference last month, we heard that the technology giant was not sitting pretty and letting its competitors like Google...

HP has a smartwatch in the books, coming soon

Everyone today is making a smart something. Be it a phone, a pair of glasses, gloves, heck even shoes, there's a smart everything in...

HP Latches Onto Foxconn to Churn Out Web-Scale Servers

Quanta and Winstron are some of the low end white box makers who have benefited as computing shifts to the cloud. This growth comes...

Olive Telecommunications Now Defends itself Over Laptops Tender Saga

The Indian firm at the centre of the laptops tender controversy has come out clean in its defense against claims and reports that it...

HP launches 6 inch phablet and 7 inch tablet, heading to India first

Rumours in the last two days have been pointing to a certain $200 HP Slate device. HP just announced not one but two devices...

HP Develops Holographic Mobile Display Requires No Glasses

HP has developed a 3D screen for mobile devices eliminates the need for glasses. The screen is set to be revealed in the Scientific...

Is The World Ready for New Mobile Operating Systems?: Tizen and Others

Tizen This is one upcoming mobile OS that I don’t know much about as a result of both lack of interest (my experience with Bada,...
Linux Foundation

HP graduates to platinum member at Linux Foundation

Even as Windows 8 gets launched and naturally this will mean that HP will be selling Notebooks and Ultrabooks donning this new OS, some...
HP windows 8 tablet

You might just get a HP Windows 8 tablet this year

HP has been through alot, from purchasing a mobile phone company Palm and its OS to at some point giving up on PC and...
Hp Training centre

Hp launches new training centre in kenya

Global Integrated Solutions Provider, Hewlett Packard (HP) today opened a new Training Centre that will seek to impart knowledge of HP products, services and...

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