HP Latches Onto Foxconn to Churn Out Web-Scale Servers


foxconnQuanta and Winstron are some of the low end white box makers who have benefited as computing shifts to the cloud. This growth comes as traditional server creators face diminishing prospects in the enterprise server market. Cloud providers now dictate the design of the servers that run their cloud services and this has led them to gravitate towards low end manufacturers rather than traditional vendors such as IBM, Dell and HP.

Foxconn has been expanding its operations to take care of this demand, the company is known for its manufacture of iStuff but has been diversifying to servers in order to increase its sources of revenue.

HP has recently closed a deal with Foxconn to create more servers that cover the cloud market. The company serves a large part of the enterprise server market, coming out ahead of IBM in enterprise server revenues for 2013.

HP’s Project Moonshot has been moving in this direction as an energy efficient platform for cloud computing workloads and the enterprise. Rackspace, Amazon and Google who currently feature as major cloud providers hold sway over how servers running their clouds are designed. The Open Compute Project has also appealed to players in the market including Microsoft who joined the body in match as the demand for its Azure data centers continues to grow.