HP graduates to platinum member at Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation

Linux FoundationEven as Windows 8 gets launched and naturally this will mean that HP will be selling Notebooks and Ultrabooks donning this new OS, some developments on the opensource world are happening. HP put in some $500,000 to join Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, NEC, Oracle, Qualcomm Innovation Center and Samsung among platinum members of Linux Foundation. This will include HP getting a seat on the board of Directors at the Linux Foundation. HP will naturally get some say in the direction chartered by Linux. I wouldnt assume this would mean anything between HP and Microsoft, but seems the former is warming the bed for the OS which seems to be gaining day by day, remember Android and Meego are Linux, and they are making their way to the desktop slowly by slowly. Even Chrome OS is a fork of Linux, tells you a lot.

See Press Release below:

The Linux Foundation Announces HP to Become Platinum Member

HP makes strategic investment in Linux, upgrades to highest level of membership

BARCELONA, Spain {LinuxCon Europe} November 5, 2012 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced that HP is making a strategic, long-term investment in Linux by upgrading to Platinum membership. Linux Foundation Platinum members include Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, NEC, Oracle, Qualcomm Innovation Center and Samsung. HP was previously a Gold member.

HP’s business spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure. The company has long been a contributor to the Linux and open source software communities and is well known for its work on open operating systems as well as the open cloud. With many of its products already running Linux, including servers, printers, networking equipment and more, HP understands that computing is changing rapidly and is prioritizing Linux and collaborative development to advance its development for the future.

By becoming a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation, HP will have a seat on the Board of Directors and will be directly involved in advancing Linux-based initiatives, workgroups, Labs, events, and more that support its business goals.

“With one of the richest and most recognized stories in technology, HP has a history of innovation and market success,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “Because of this history and innate knowledge of software development, HP understands that Linux and collaborative development can benefit its business across its product portfolio. We’re looking forward to the work we can accomplish with HP.”

“Linux is a strategic asset for all major technology companies. With our Linux Foundation Platinum membership, we will have a variety of ways to maximize our investment in Linux and collaborative development that advances our own business as well as greater industry innovation,” said Eileen Evans, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Cloud Computing and Open Source, HP.

The Linux Foundation provides a neutral environment where work on Linux, mobile and embedded development, open cloud, and more can be accelerated and advanced. It hosted the industry’s first CloudOpen event in August and is home to more than 150 members.