HP has a smartwatch in the books, coming soon


Everyone today is making a smart something. Be it a phone, a pair of glasses, gloves, heck even shoes, there’s a smart everything in the making. Of all these, the one that has hit it big is the smartphone and in recent days the smartwatch has been introduced many a time as a companion device to the smartphone rather than its own man. With Samsung enjoying considerable success where old players like Sony have struggled and startups like Pebble are still struggling to make something of their reviewer favourite smartwatch, Google joined to provide some sorth of order with a base/platform, Android Wear. The jury is still out on whether Android Wear will turn things by the head before the expected arrival of Apple’s iWatch. Even then, newer players are still coming onboard and the latest is none other than HP.

Michael-Bastian-Smartwatch-Sketch HP

With a successful history in the PC, a not-so-good history in mobile (looking at you Touchpad, no, not you Slate 7 and company), will HP crack the smartwatch market? It thinks so and on this front it has partnered with designer Michael Bastian to come up with a compelling design of what it believes will be a smartwatch that will not disappoint you. How is that? Well, like Pebble, it will be compatible with both iOS and Android. This hints at a possible notification implementation so that it functions well on both platforms. With Windows Phone’s support for wearables like smartwatches set to improve with updates rolling out, we can’t be sure at this point if HP will give its PC partner’s mobile OS a hand too. Seven day battery life is the other thing that HP promises. Current smartwatches are plagued by battery issues. Android Wear devices like the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch are famous for not lasting more than two days on a single charge while Samsung’s other smartwatches running Tizen have been praised for being slow on the battery and as we all know, this has never been Pebble’s problem from day one thanks in part to its monochromatic display.

There are no specific timelines given so we’ll have to wait to hear more about this watch in coming days if at all HP will push through with it past the design page.


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