HP Develops Holographic Mobile Display Requires No Glasses

Image of the HP logo produced by the new display

HP has developed a 3D screen for mobile devices eliminates the need for glasses. The screen is set to be revealed in the Scientific Journal Nature this March. The main problem for the low acceptance of 3D in the market is that it causes headaches to its users.

Image of the HP logo produced by the new display

HP’s new screen lets multiple users experience the 3D effect since it sends out light in 14 different directions. The image produced in this way is expected to be projected above the screen giving it an almost holographic effect. With conventional 3D displays only one perspective is provided to the viewer.

Through nano-patterned grooves on the display surface, the light bends in different directions giving the illusion of a 3D image. This allows the user to see two points at any one time, one with each eye. Up to 64 different points of view are made available by the new development. Information as to when the display will be available to phones and tablets has not yet been announced.