The Global Mobile Awards Ceremony and Memorable winners

GSMA 2012

GSMA 2012The Global Mobile Awards winners list is out and its not surprising in the least that some of the innovations and products have shown up there.

Best Mobile App for Consumers
Rovio Entertainment Ltd. – Angry Birds Rio

Best Mobile App for Enterprise
Citrix Systems – Citrix Receiver

Judges’ Choice – Best Overall Mobile App
WhatsApp Inc. – WhatsApp

Judges’comments: This was the Judges’ choice of Best Overall Mobile App.

Most Innovative Mobile App
Judges’comments: “Clever technology – a much needed innovation that will make typing on smartphones and tablets so much easier.”

Best Mobile Advertising & Marketing Campaign
Brandtone – Carling Black Label “Be the Coach”
Judges’comments: “Using the entire mobile device range to leverage the fans’ emotions is key to this campaign’s success and the fans loved getting involved.”

Innovation in Mobile Advertising
Poken for the leading CMS for NFC
Judges’comments: The judges liked this because it combines NFC with a smart understanding that the nature of “mobile” is quickly going to move beyond smartphones and tablets. We really like the technology and the CMS ecosystem that has been built out to be leveraged by consumer partners.

Mobile Marketing & Advertising Agency of the Year
Judges’comments: “This agency has global reach and good technical ability for the mobile space.”

Best Enterprise Mobile Service
Fiberlink – MaaS360
Judges’comments: “This demonstrates genuine understanding of enterprise user issues, and enables straightforward and cost-effective mobile device management.”

Best Consumer Mobile Service
Google – Google Maps for Android
Judges’comments: “As good as the map technology gets. Indoor element makes this stand out – very impressive on mobile devices.”

Best Network Product or Solution for Serving Customers
Turkcell – Turkcell TiklaKonus
Judges’comments: “Great example of out-of-the-box thinking, creating new revenue streams by exposing and reselling core capabilities.”

Best Product, Initiative or Service for Underserved Segments
Safaricom – Grundfos
Judges’comments: “A highly tangible project solving a real problem and meeting a real need – definitely aimed at closing the access gap.”

mWomen Best Mobile Product or Service for Women in Emerging Markets
Etisalat, Qualcomm, D-Tree International and Great Connection Inc. – Etisalat Mobile Baby

Judges’comments: “Good initiative concerning maternal health. Nice convergence of a number of technologies in a critical area of need.”

Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations
UBL Omni – Transparent and Efficient Cash Disbursement Service After the 2009 IDPs Crisis and the 2010 Flood Crisis
Judges’comments: “There is growing interest in how to direct payment of aid to the needy and this scheme utilising mobile phones is a valuable initiative.”

The Green Mobile Award
Flexenclosure – E-site
Judges’comments: “Current, practical and cost-efficient, this helps to alleviate issues around radio base station power availability and also deals with environmental preservation.”

Best Mobile Health Innovation

Etisalat, Qualcomm, D-Tree International and Great Connection Inc. – Etisalat Mobile Baby
Judges’comments: “M-health at its best with a built in end-user partnership.”

Best Mobile Innovation for Education or Learning
OnPoint Digital – CellCast Solution
Judges’comments: “Judges quote: An attractive and comprehensive mobile learning solution that harnesses the potential of today’s major trends of cloud, apps, gamification and social media on all platforms.”

Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive, Transport or Utilities
Ford Motor Company Ltd. – Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance

“Wonderfully designed innovative solution. The business model brings goodwill and enhancement to Ford and costs the user nothing.”

Best Mobile Money Innovation
Etisalat, MasterCard and Oberthur Technologies – Etisalat Commerce
Judges’comments: Judges’ quote: “With the majority of the world unbanked and yet already on mobile, this represents an opportunity to bring banking and payments truly to the masses”

Best Mobile Innovation for Publishing
Financial Times and Assanka – The Financial Times Web App
Judges’comments: “Great content behind a brave and successful adoption of HTML5 has produced an impressive online and offline app that spans any mobile device or platform.”

Best Smartphone
Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S II
Judges’comments: “A phenomenal success around the world, this has outperformed all its Android rivals and demonstrated the maturity of the ecosystem.”

Best Feature Phone or Entry Level Phone
Nokia – Nokia C3-00
Judges’comments: “The numbers speak for themselves – a blockbusting chart topper with universal appeal.”

The judges would also like to recognise the companies who are working to solve the needs of the ageing global population. Devices that deliver accessibility above all else are becoming increasingly important.”

Device Manufacturer of the Year

“Success across the board with progress in every category, and outperforming rivals in a tough market.”

Best Mobile Tablet
Apple – Apple iPad 2
Judges’comments: “A unanimous choice for a tablet that has defined the market and dominated sales.”

Best Embedded Mobile Device (Non-Handsets)
AT&T – Garmin GTU 10
Judges’comments: “Small, lightweight  and feature rich, this is a notable evolution for location  technology.”

Best Mobile Broadband Technology
KT – KT’s Premium WiFi Solution
Judges’comments: “The best example of an operator leading the way in broadband data traffic management.”

Best Infrastructure Technology
Alcatel-Lucent – lightRadio Network
Judges’comments: “Reflects the global importance of highly-flexible, cost-effective base station systems – the concept is being heavily adopted in major mobile networks around the world.”

Best Technology Breakthrough
Vodafone Group PLC – Quad Rate Technology: an evolved path doubling the efficiency of mobile voice
Judges’comments: “An excellent achievement that extends GSM capacity and enables operators to maximise ther existing network investments.”

Best Cloud Based Technology
Appcelerator – Titanium Integrated Development Platform
Judges’comments: “Quintessential cloud, write once, deploy many times drives speed and cost reductions.”

Best Technology Product or Solution for Safeguarding and Empowering Customers
Cloudmark – Cloudmark Mobile Messaging Security Suite
Judges’comments: “Real innovation – this gives users a valuable service that delivers true empowerment and control.”

GSMA Chairman’s Award
Judges’comments: “This year we have chosen to recognise not one organisation, but three that together, reflected an astonishing spirit of collaboration, technological ingenuity and human determination in the face of a disaster of immeasurable proportion,” commented Franco Bernabé, Chairman of the GSMA and Chairman and CEO of Telecom Italia Group. “It is to the eternal credit of our three mobile operator members in Japan – KDDI, NTT DOCOMO and SOFTBANK MOBILE – that the response during a period of absolute chaos was resolute, systematic and swift in scale and efficiency.”

Government Leadership Award
Government of the Republic of Colombia
The Government Leadership Award 2012 was awarded to the Government of the Republic of Colombia for its role as a regional and global leader in managing what is now one of the world’s scarcest natural resources – spectrum. The exemplary vision and courage of its policy makers in devising and implementing its ICT strategy Vive Digital made the Colombian Government stand out as year’s Government Leadership Award winner.


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