Search for 31000 primary and 6900 secondary schools on google maps

Google maps primary schools

Google, in partnership with National Council for Law Reporting did convert public government documents into google books. In a blogpost published yesterday, Google has announced additions into the joint venture, by adding maps and graphs to in the spirit of the Open Data initiative. You will now be able to search and locate any of the 31,000 primary schools and 6,900 secondary schools in Kenya on Google maps. This will be very integral to future planning and resource allocation as its more visible physically, the placement of the resource that is education centres.Google maps primary schools

The image above shows a search for primary schools in Nairobi, also viewed in the embedded map herein, you can mouse-over and see the names of the schools, relate them to the population density in the different maps views when you zoom in, such rich data.

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You are also able to add a school you feel is missing in the data presented using Google map maker.

Graphs are also another addition that helps enrich the data presented from the maps, with Google graphs you can now visualize public data like CDF spending per constituency. This will enable country citizens to see which constituencies are well represented to enable them make better decisions about politics and policies. This became successful with support from Kenya ICT Board, Kenya Open Data Initiative and the Kenya Bureau of Statistics in making public data more easily manipulated to bring out interactive reports as opposed to the previous printed reports that were hard to come by.