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Businesses on Google Maps Can Pursue Litigation If Reviewers Violate Policy

We all use Google Maps in some way or another. The product is one of Google’s most popular tools with 1 billion monthly users,...
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HERE WeGo Lands on Huawei’s AppGallery as an Alternative to Google Maps

Last year, U.S President Donald Trump prohibited US companies from trading with Huawei and this meant that the Chinese tech giant couldn't access Google apps and...
Google Maps Street View Kenya

Kenyans Have a Peculiar Use of Google Maps and It Involves Alcohol

Google Maps is one of the tech giant's most used products and one use is checking out the traffic conditions of a road. When...
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Incognito Mode for Google Maps on Android Finally Begins Roll Out

When was the last time you didn't use Google Maps? The app has become an essential tool for navigating places especially if they're unknown....

Huawei Working on a Google Maps Alternative Set to Be Unveiled in October

With looming uncertainty over if Huawei can still work with Google, the Chinese tech giant hasn't stopped working on its in-house alternatives to Google's...

For April Fools’ Day, Google Maps Adds Snakes Game to Its App

April Fools' is here and Google Maps added the Snakes game to its app for both Android and iOS to bring back that dose...

Google Tracks You Even If Your Location Settings Are Off, But There is A Fix

The modern world’s businesses realized the value of data and information long before other players grasped the importance of those commodities. Data, obviously, can...
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You Can No Longer Book or Pay for an Uber Via Google Maps

Sometime in early 2017, Google Maps introduced a neat feature where users could book an Uber without opening the online ride-sharing app. The development...
New Look Google Maps

Google Maps Gets A Facelift With New Colour Scheme and Icons

We have been using Google Maps for the last 12 years and it has innately become the defacto way to know where we are,...

Mobile Search and Google Maps Gain Q&A Feature for Business Listings and Places

In the coming days, users and serial globetrotters will be able to get their queries answered within local business listings on mobile search and...

Google Maps Aims To Be The Easiest Way To Hail An Uber

Google's new update for Maps ensures that you'd never want to use Uber Again

Google to Shut Down Map Maker Tool in March 2017

Fare thee well, Map Maker.

Google Maps Can Now Be Downloaded to External Storage for Offline Use

Why did this take so long? Better late than never, though.

Google to Add Dedicated Tab for Ride Sharing Services on Maps App

Google will soon start rolling out new versions of Google Maps, its maps, transit and navigation service, to users of its mobile apps on...

Volunteering to Review Local Places on Google Maps Can Earn You 1TB Free Google Drive Storage

If you're one of those people who are scouting for a new home for their data now that Microsoft is reining in on those it...
Google Maps offline view

You can now navigate offline on Google Maps

Traditional paper maps have always had one advantage over the modern digital maps: You can use them without a data connection (obviously). This was...

Google Maps Adds Kenyan Public Transit To Its Navigation Feature

Lets imagine that you need to go somewhere either to run an errand, make a delivery or simply visit but you are not too...

Google to Lift Temporary Ban to Edits on MapMaker in August

It is the image that prompted some quick action by the team behind Google's MapMaker tool to temporarily disallow edits being made on Google...

Google Maps to offer offline search and navigation

It is currently possible to use Google Maps offline. Google allows you to save the map of a particular place. However, that's as much...
Nigga White House

Typing “Nigga House” on Google Maps Takes You To White House!

We all know  the leader residing in the White House is a black man but Google Maps is throwing out a new joke. Typing "Nigga...

Google temporarily suspends Map Maker in light of misuse

Remember that incident of a giant Android robot peeing on an Apple on Google Maps? That and many other related incidents have led to...
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Shots Fired: Google’s Android Bot Takes A Pee At Apple

Google and Apple are not the best of friends and I am certain the forced bromance between the two California based tech giants goes...
Google Trekker

Google Invites Application for Trekker To Further Google Maps

Google has released Trekker, an application with the capability of uploading imagery from hard to reach places on earth. The company has invited tourism...

Google Maps Navigation now Available in Kenya

Android and iOS users will now be able to access Google Maps Navigation in Kenya. The GPS navigation system will be available for devices...
Nokia Here iOS

Find Here on iOS

Since Apple decided to give Google Maps a boot on iOS, Apple users have been a confused lot, resulting to other means to access...
Google maps primary schools

Search for 31000 primary and 6900 secondary schools on google maps

Google, in partnership with National Council for Law Reporting did convert public government documents into google books. In a blogpost published yesterday, Google has...