Google Maps Aims To Be The Easiest Way To Hail An Uber

This is good stuff from Google and Uber

via Google


Last year, Google added a dedicated tab for ridesharing services like Uber on Google Maps which allowed you to check the price estimates and pick up times for the cab that is close to you. However, the system still led you to the actual Uber app to complete the booking.

Now Google has gone a step further in an update on Maps. You will now be able to complete the entire process right within Google Maps which includes the actual hailing of the cab.

The process is simple. You will only need to go to the ride services tab on Google Maps where you will see a revamped user interface. After signing in to your existing Uber account,  the you will notice a map that shows the various cabs in your location. When you hit the “request” button, you will be able to track your driver on the map just like how you would have done on the Uber app.

This tight integration of Uber and Google Maps helps both platforms in various ways. Uber gets to leverage on Map’s huge audience by making it easier for them to hail cabs while Maps gets to add a tick on their utility column.

Uber redesigned their mobile apps recently which included features like using machine learning to learn from your routines and a brand new UI. Well now you have a way to avoid all that if you’re not a fan and especially due to the fact that it was later revealed that they track you even when your trip is complete.


  1. I am yet to get the app, but this will definetely make me uninstall my Uber app since I won’t need it any more.

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