Shots Fired: Google’s Android Bot Takes A Pee At Apple

google droid

android piss Google and Apple are not the best of friends and I am certain the forced bromance between the two California based tech giants goes on and on. The guys responsible for this might jet a friendly jab for this as you would not expect such to be approved within Google. How it passed you wouldn’t know, but the location is quite interesting and hidden that it would miss the average Googler’s eye.

Just south of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, a giant green Android can be seen urinating on the Apple logo. That’s not a Photoshopped image. The same can be viewed here . The image is visible with the standard map view but different on the satellite view where everything is fine.

You might recall that Apple uses Google Maps for its devices after a miserable run with the Apple Maps. Well one of the developers at Google is likely to face serious ramifications for the above despite the humor associated with it. Or not.