Google to Shut Down Map Maker Tool in March 2017

Map editing feature to be folded into the main Google Maps app

Google Maps

Map Maker, the tool that allows users of Google Maps to add and edit places on the popular maps platform around the world, has seen quite some controversy over the last 18 months. In May last year, Google suspended the tool after some users were found to be misusing it.

Google did later re-enable the tool but not without having some strict measures in place. User edits of places, for instance, had to go through local mappers identified by the Google Maps team for approval. Now, the company has announced that it will be folding Map Maker and integrating all its functionality into the main Google Maps app.

A statement posted by the Map Maker team on the tool’s forums a week ago states, “Today, we want to let you know that Google Map Maker features will officially graduate and be integrated directly into Google Maps in March 2017 when we’ll retire the standalone Map Maker product.”

The statement goes on to add that “edits made on Google Maps will (immediately) no longer be available for moderation on Map Maker.”

While Map Maker will certainly be missed by those who have been very active in adding and editing places, the move to integrate all its functions in the main Maps app will come in handy as Google seeks to popularize its Local Guides program where users can unlock rewards based on the level where they are at every time they review places they places and add images.