Samsung teases about The Next Galaxy with anagram, video [UPDATED]

The Next Galaxy

Late last evening as I was watching the twitter timeline and engaging once in a while I came across this tweet from the official Samsung twitter account which marked the beginning of speculation as to what Samsung has set for us in the next 20 hours.

Destination: tgeltaayehxnx

The parable was actually a hint for people to go to the site which had a countdown timer. The word tgeltaayehxnx, as I came to discover was an anagram of The Next Galaxy, the words fit very well. You would have to click the text branded images in the correct order to see the next destination according to the instructions on the website. See the countdown timer below, which has since elapsed.The Next Galaxy
Rumours about the next Galaxy device from Samsung have been alive in the blogosphere for a long time with wild expectations. Samsung has revealed a teaser video as the countdown came to an end. Looks like the new galaxy will be curved(my assumption), since there are the words ” Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand, and a planet horizon, which is curved”. The final words “you can now stand out from everyone else”..then the bleating sheep made me think, do they intend to have a completely new form factor? Samsung had to hit at the iPhone(iSheep), with the sheep part, which is understandable since this is the main rival. Finally there are the two bubbles, one white and another brushed blue.

See the video yourself.

Could this imply that we are seeing flexible displays with the advent of the Galaxy S III? Or what do you make of this

[UPDATE] Samsung has since redirected the URL to the Samsung Mobile Youtube channel.


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