Safaricom 3G highspeed promo video and the future of Safaricom Data

Safaricom Camp Mulla

Safaricom Camp MullaSafaricom recently announced the availability of 3G speeds upto 42MBps, amid alot of reaction from users after announcing at the same press conference that they have been throttling unlimited data speeds with their reasons well explained. Well, the excitement about the throttling and the eventual discontinuation of unlimited data has kind of died down.

Well, just yesterday, they released the video advert to the webs. Its a nice video, with the cheetah speeding across screens to signify good speeds of data. (And I saw some familiar faces-this should be accompanied by a disclaimer, lol). So this video has the trademark Camp Mulla instrumental for their first song, Party Dont Stop as the sound track. Possibly signifying that the data party dont stop. Are we about to get another awesome offer?

See video below and we continue after the break.

Now beyond Safaricom offering high speed data(42Mbps) which is in pilot in specific areas having fiber back-haul capabilities, there is a product they promised very soon to fill in the void left by unlimited data. Well this could be announced sooner than you expect. Safaricom is working on Safaricom Landline Unified Communication. This could be the answer to high speed data and affordable solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises and also home broadband. Safaricom will cater for the last mile via wimax, fiber or 3G redundancy and the solution will offer a whole package encompassing data, Private Branch Exchange(PBX), mobile and fax.

Users will be able to manage calls, route them within an organization, including re-routing them to mobile from the Safaricom landline.  So in essence Safaricom will be introducing the landline and fixed broadband, possibly as a way to better manage data consumption among users, while adding value to previously existing systems, like the Telkom landline. Safaricom landline will also have Corporate Skiza tunes, Promotions and bonga points redeeming and this will be on a single bill, set on monthly bundles. Lets wait for more details when the announcement is done.

What do you think of Safaricom landline and unified communication? Is it a viable solution for today’s business and home internet/voice?