And the deal gets sweeter, LG also has a droid for less than 10K [Limited Offer]

LG Optimus L3

LG Optimus L3Just before we digest the Galaxy Pocket and Huawei Gaga deals, LG has just announced that their L style smartphone LG Optimus L3 will be selling at Kes 11,999 at LG outlets, Comcorp countrywide, LG showroom at Nakumatt junction and the LG Service Centre located at Piedmont Plaza. LG also adds an option for dial an LG phone on this number 0732 913506 for deliveries.

The phone will also have a limited offer for Kes 9,999 starting this weekend at Sarit Centre, Village Market, The Junction and Nakumatt Lifestyle malls, identifiable by an LG tent. During the offer the phone will be bundled with a 4GB memory card.

A refresher of the phone specifications is available here.


  1. In fact it should be the deal gets complicated! Consumers officially spoilt for choice now..This one has a bigger display though ppi density the same thing but at 240X 320 still is weak though we cant expect Amoleds at this price.At least they should have hit 320x 480.The camera for the South Korean counterparts LG is better too..processor just about the same thing too..The only difference with Galaxy pocket seems to be the bigger display.Im not very sure of the chipset and the RAM of the latter.Samsung beats it though when it comes to touchwiz,tracking etc and apps available..Notable too LG have never been that serious though on this market like Samsung have been..Is this the time they have realised? I havent seen any serious market drive even on SM except from their shops and its mostly of Hifis Home theatres and TVs..They are welcome to the mobile foray though.. Not so bad ..As for me the pocket anytime..

    • One thing I would credit the LG is the aspect ratio, 4:3, that’s what made it easier typing on it than on a phone with a similar screen size, 3.2″. Also the Battery life, its got a 1500mAh The resolution is a letdown as it stands. The sooner these guys realize that there are returns investing in social media and online as opposed to GBS the better it’s going to be for them for mobile phone influence. Watch as Galaxy Pocket outdoes them 10:1.

  2. A closer analysis reveals LG  specs are a bit higher.With a battery nailed at 1500mAH,,better screen size,both are on the same processor.How would u say touchwiz,chaton and samsung dive and software support for samsung actually is? Thats seems to be the only area it beats the latter.

    • TouchWiz is a good UI and that’s what I landed on when I started using android, I have loved it ever since. Samsung dive is promising by the way. You can do all those things people do with their blackberries incase they get lost. And this is on your Samsung account, accessible on web. You can set numbers to be notified of locations of a lost phone, but that is as long as you had actually signed up in the first place. Software support I have a belief that even if Samsung is abit slow(Apple beats them all here) it still performs better than LG.

      Then Samsung has been on a streak, and its a more visible and accepted brand.

      But the LG is a superior phone between the two, considering the battery life and screen size. Price point is also different for that case.

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