Samsung Canada sends loyal user a custom made Galaxy S III

Custom Galaxy S III canada

A Samsung fan in Canada tried to convince Samsung Canada that since he owned a Samsung Tv, a Samsung Galaxy S  phone and a Samsung Laptop(that sounds like me) that they could be considerate and give him a Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship device of 2012. Well that was in May after the announcement of the Galaxy S III. Shane Bennett, the fan added a dragon he drew on the phone, not meaning much but to impress the Samsung employee, and possibly increase their chance of getting a free smartphone.Custom Galaxy S III canada

Well his request was denied with a candid explanation saying that it wasn’t just his lucky day. The Samsung employee running the account went ahead and drew Shane a diagram of a Kangaroo on a unicycle using the S Memo app. The image went viral. As it seems, Samsung did not go silent on this and went in production of a custom Samsung Galaxy S III for Shane, and added that it’s the only custom Galaxy S III so far in Canada. And the custom design was an etch of the same dragon that made the conversation viral. The image was printed even on the box, and added as a wallpaper on the phone to bring a complete image that blends both on the phone display and the case. Next time of you try to pull a stunt like this, or play with lady luck, please try draw something you would want to keep, RAWR!

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