Safaricom’s new Mpesa advert is a comfort message: Relax, you got Mpesa

Relax uko na Mpesa

Relax uko na MpesaAlmost all Kenyans have interacted in one way or another with Mpesa, it ranges from basic money sending to running the entire business model off Mpesa. This shows that the business that is Mpesa has impacted hugely the economy for the East African country. In a country where credit cards and credit card payments were not really defined, MPESA came in to fill a gap quite easily, ensuring even the basic user in the village is able to use MPESA, something Kenyans hold at heart. Other mobile payments are yet to catch up with MPESA, these being Orange Money, Airtel Money, Yucash, MobiKash and many others.
Yesterday I came across this MPESA video ad that shows how deeply integrated MPESA is to the community, facilitating services like money transfer, bills payments and shopping tills solutions. Starts with a rural setting showing a mother receiving money from a relative from far away in the city, the smile on the face says it all, then the herdsman also receives cash while still in the open Kenyan wide spaces, probably payments for beef cattle delivered to the slaughter-house.

Further on we see a busy man running out of time to be at the banking queue, he is able to withdraw from an ATM via MPESA. Goes on to show contractor running out of wage money, gets MPESA which restores the smile in his face, a mother is also able to pay for pre-paid electricity tokens which had run out making the daughter unable to work on her computer.Just so I dont spoil all the fun, enjoy the video and see how Safaricom wants the MPESA user to feel relaxed that they got the companion that is MPESA.


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