All it takes is a video to inspire peace

Keep the peace video contest

Keep the peace video contestPeace is one very important element for prosperity, be it business, social or environmental prosperity. Without it you wouldnt wake up and sit bored at the office waiting for the day to end, or Friday, whichever blows your skirt (this one I got from @nonieMG). Now we all love peace and contributing towards the nurturing of this should be a priority for everyone, young or old. Now you have a chance to contribute towards peace-building in our nation Kenya, a move which is quite important now that we are nearing the elections. Campaigns are bound to get heated and anything could get awry in a community that does not know how much peace means to them. we have all seen what happened in the Tana Delta between two communities because of a misunderstanding between them, even after having been neighbours for ever since they can remember. This can be prevented by each one of us playing a part where we are.

Here’s your chance to shape the course, with just a video. Not a huge task. Just take your camera-phone, webcam, video camera, camera or anything you got that can record something that is meaningful to your community for the ultimate goal that is peace building. It can range from you simply sending a peace message to all Kenyans offering your take on what peace means to you and why it is important, reciting a poem with a peace message, donating food to the needy, drawing a grafitti and telling us what it tells us in a video, as long as it doesn’t exceed 3 minutes long. Quality of video is not the most important thing, communicating a peace message is. Anything, just get going and record the video, upload it to the Ufilmit website and ask your friends to vote for it. Naturally, you will require to log in via either twitter or registration on the website to be able to upload your video. Friends and family rating your video need to be logged in.
By Uploading the video you hit two birds with one stone, that of having a peace message for enemies and friends to be inspired by and also a chance to win cash prizes with UfilmIt. How better can it get? This message will be available online for as long as possible and will be a reminder to Kenyans how valuable peace is coming from a random Kenyan. You never know, your friends from the village could get inspired and be the ones preventing anything negative from happening in your absence. Remember there will be 10 finalists at the end of the campaign from which judges get to choose winners. You can upload as many videos as you wish and these will be vetted independently, but you can only win one award, so if you find that you can do a better recording than the previous one you can go ahead and add a second or third one. Prizes include Kshs. 50,000 for the top prize, Kshs.25,000 and Kshs. 15,000 for the second and third price respectively. And as the contest terms say here, you cannot use somebody else’s copyrighted work unless you can prove express authorization from them.
So go ahead, tell your story in your own words the best way you feel you can tell a peace message to your country-mates.