[UPDATED]Supreme Court Ruling: Best and Funniest Reactions


The Supreme Court of Kenya has dismissed the August 2022 election petitions. In the ruling, CJ Martha Koome pointed out that there were no unexplainable discrepancies between the votes cast for the presidential candidates and other elective positions. She continued to add that admissible evidence that was presented to prove the allegation that forms 34A were fraudulently altered by a group situated in Karen under the directions of persons named in the affidavit and that a matter of fact that these 2 affidavits amounted to double hearsay.

CJ Martha Koome said that the access of the RTS by Venezuelan Jose Carmago turned out to be no more than hot air and we were taken on a wild goose chase that yielded nothing of value. She also added that IEBC wasn’t acting in bad faith when they postponed the elections in the named electoral units and that the court is satisfied that notwithstanding the divisions apparent between the chair & the 4 commissioners, IEBC carried out the verification, tallying and declaration of results in accordance with Article 138 (3c) & (10) of the constitution.

“Rejected votes cannot be taken into account when calculating whether a presidential candidate attained 50%+1 of the votes cast in accordance with Article 138 (4) of the constitution,” CJ Martha Koome.

The Supreme Court has found that the declaration of IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati of William Ruto as the President-elect in line with Kenya’s constitution and electoral laws.

Here are the best and funniest reactions: