How to Download Forms 34A, 34B, and 34C From IEBC Portal


The voting exercise was concluded on August 9, and some aspirants have already known their fate. Including MPs, governors, senators, and women reps.

The results, which have since been publicized by the media, are yet to identify who is the winner of the presidential seat.

It is taking quite a while before the IEBC can declare the winner, and it is possible the winner could be announced as far as next week.

In the meantime, it is worth noting that any person can have a look at how various polling stations have performed after the IEBC developed a portal where all form 34B have been uploaded.

The portal can be accessed using this link.

On the page, here is a dropdown menu that shows the available forms (34A, 34B, and 34C).

Once you have picked the forms you want to download, just click the green download button on the right and proceed to choose the county whose forms you want to access.

Form 34A is used to record results from polling stations.

Form 34B is used to combine all numbers from various polling stations, and then classify them under the constituency level.

Lastly, Form 34C is the one that has all the information about Forms 34B. This is the document that will be used by the IEBC to declare the president.

So far, 99.4 percent of Form 34A have been uploaded.

Only 76.98 percent of Forms 34B have been filed by the IEBC.

Once all Forms 34B have been filed, then the IEBC will file Form 34C.

Forms 34B are available for all counties as stated on the site.

IEBC has also ensured that users will see how many documents have far been uploaded. Isiolo and Kirinyaga counties, for instance, have filed all of their Forms 34B.

They are quite large so make the necessary arrangements in case you want to download them.