How to Access Presidential Results on IEBC Portal


While poll results for some county assemblies, constituencies, and others have been revealed, the presidential numbers are still rolling after the conclusion of the August 9 polls.

The presidential results are key to the entire process because Kenyans are waiting for the winner, who will serve them for the next five years.

The winning candidate must garner more than 51 percent of the cast votes and must get at least 25 percent of votes in more than 24 counties.

The electoral body the IEBC, for the first time, has made the whole voting process more transparent than before. Kenyans can access the numbers from the IEBC site, and they can also download key documents such as form 34B.

The portal can be accessed using this link:

The portal includes all 47 Kenya counties, and the diaspora votes that are summed up as the 48th county.

While there are more than 3 million Kenyans living in other countries, only 5,000 of them managed to vote this time around.

The presidential election results are further reported in terms of numbers reported from constituencies against the registered voters.

So far, it has been reported that around 60 percent of the 22 million registered voters managed to cast their vote.

The voting exercise was made possible using the KIEMs kits, which are managed by Smartmatic International B.V. In 2017, the system was put in place by Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) which have extensive knowledge about biometrics, authentication, digital security as well as video and data analytics.

Smartmatic creates and offers electronic voting technology and services that have been designed to make elections ‘more auditable and transparent.’

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