Good things come to those who wait, says Nokia

Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5

Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5

Nokia has a message for smartphone purchasers who may be willing to buy the iPhone 5 recently announced and already shipping pre-orders. Nokia says “Good things come to those who wait” listing reasons why they think you should opt for the Lumia 920 over the iPhone 5. Naturally opting for the Lumia 920 would mean you wait abit longer as the market availability is yet to be announced. The reasons Nokia poses in an image posted on twitter from the Nokia UK handle is:
Camera comparison-Nokia points out that the Lumia 920 has an extra .7MP and Carl Zeiss lens, also the Panorama on the Nokia has HDR, OIS(Optical Image Stabilizatio) and tested best low-light performance in cameraphones.

Maps: Nokia maps have Nokia City Lens that makes Augmented reality part of the camera in location finding.

Charging: Apple charger has been a topic of conversations online, while Nokia adds in Wireless charging over the usual USB charger.

iPhone Accessories: These are listed as just the earpods while Nokia has JBL PlayUp portable speakers as the highlight of the moment.

Screen resolution: Nokia notes that the Lumia 920 has better display with the PutreMotion HD+ display with WXGA resolution that they claim is better than iPhone Retina display.

User Interface: Trust Nokie to bring in the point that you can use a Lumia 920 with mittens on, a thing that could sell now that it’s headed to the winter season.

Design: No doubt that Nokia has been given credit for the design of the Nokia N9 that they inherited for all of their high end devices, and the livetiles on Windows phone 8 as compared to the trademark icons display on iPhone. My only beef with the iPhone homepage design is lack of widgets.

And last but not least is the availability of numerous colour options for buyers to choose from. Nokia has 5 while iphone has two..

I would like to see what Nokia says in comparison with the Galaxy S III, but naturally this is iPhone’s moment in the spotlight. And a word of advice to Nokia, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, there is a limit as to how long one can wait. The Lumia 920 may be shiny, but we all know how patient people are.


      • That is why Samsung is now leading in the smartphone market in Kenya…. Nokia lost its way ages ago. Those Lumias…. esp with micro-SIMs, lauching them here is a bad idea…. we interchange phones a lot…..they should reconsider that when launching in KE!

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