Technobrain pumps in 84M in ICT Research and Development centre

Technobrain Research Centre

Technobrain Research CentreTechnobrain, a Software Development Firm launched an 84 million shillings facility aimed at research and Development. The centre, named Kenya Development Centre is located on Mombasa road, Nairobi Kenya and has a focus on innovation development and Kenya’s Software economy growth. The centre will host 80 aspiring software developers and University graduates to enable them sharpen IT skills to propel the ICT sector.

Students will get assistance and resources to create innovative products and services to give them the edge for business competitiveness. The centre will also serve as a test laboaratory for software development.

“This facility is an important step to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship thereby spurring economic growth. We, in  government, expect the Centre to boost the local software developer industry, driving increased availability of highly skilled and talented ICT users as well as developer skills in the country,” said Dr. Bitange Ndemo who presided the premise launch.

How does it work?

Techno Brain liaises with Universities and Colleges to conduct recruitment of IT students graduating from the institutions. Once the best crop of students is identified they are offered initial training and then on the job training for a six month period pending employment. During this period they are offered an initial salary.

On completion of the training their salary is revised they are put into projects. Techno Brain has recruited 12 students to date, and will be recruiting 40 students by January 2013. The aim here is to create a work force of 250 graduates by end of 2013 and 1000 by end of 2014. This projection is based on underlying needs and growth will depend on market response and future projects.  The model of fresh graduate recruitment, real time training and deploying them in specific projects will create employment, shore up human resource capacity  and advance research and development locally.


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