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millennials growing horns texting

Millennials Are Growing ‘Horns’ Due to Constant Phone Use

The smartphone has become an integral part of our lives and it has changed how we interact with other and do things. This revolution has...

This Algorithm Was Trained to Know When You’re Being Sarcastic on Twitter

AI is now being used to know the sentiment of your tweet

Research: Around 48 Million Twitter Accounts Are Just Bots

It is not news that Twitter has had a growth slump over the years and also, it is not news that we suspected that...

Twitter’s Research Revealed Its Core Problems and They are Doing Something About It

Twitter is a global brand for sure and it is known as the social network to get the latest breaking news and trending topics...

Study reveals most people really don’t click through articles posted on Twitter

Reading articles online is not a new thing and we have been doing it for years on the desktop or on mobile. For a...

Study: People who love Vague Inspirational Quotes on Twitter are Dumb

"Deep" Inspirational quotes are everywhere: On websites, your email, on that  family WhatsApp group, all over Facebook and tweeted by some Twitter accounts. Question...
people lie on social media

Research: Two Thirds of People lie on Social Media

We have seen cases of people across the social media landscape who post updates which are later uncovered to be jacked from someone else...
using Twitter as a data source

Using Twitter as a Data Source is Challenging: PhD candidate explained

Twitter generates a lot of data every day. Over 500 million tweets are generated from its over 316 million active users. You would expect...

Artificial Intelligence to Understand Jokes, Yup That’s been done

Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor for the New Yorker has an unusual problem: The magazine has this contest where funny captions are sent to...

Facebook’s Breakdown of How People Express Laughter has Surprising Results

People on the internet laugh in different ways "haha" "hehe" "lol" and using emojis. Facebook was curious about the whole internet laughing ways and...
big data

Big Data among the employers for 2013 in EMEA- Gartner

Gartner report says that IT spending in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will grow by 1.4% reaching $1.154 trillion in year 2013. Europe...
Technobrain Research Centre

Technobrain pumps in 84M in ICT Research and Development centre

Technobrain, a Software Development Firm launched an 84 million shillings facility aimed at research and Development. The centre, named Kenya Development Centre is located...

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