Twitter’s Research Revealed Its Core Problems and They are Doing Something About It



Twitter is a global brand for sure and it is known as the social network to get the latest breaking news and trending topics that are being shared around the world. However, although this sounds like an interesting niche to be in, it has suffered a growth slump over the years due to a variety of factors and they have been putting in effort to reverse that slump.

So today, Twitter has decided to share the results of a research they did as a company in a blogpost about the perceptions of Twitter around the world. Apparently, they discovered that 90% of people globally recognize Twitter. Although they didn’t delve into the numbers, this is significant for the company. They also went ahead to ask why Twitter is important to the respondents and apparently they were told “it was the best and fastest way to see what’s happening” which is very true for a regular user like me.

The company also wanted to dive deeper in the issue of its brand presence specifically on that audience that doesn’t use Twitter. They found out that they “didn’t know or misunderstood” what Twitter was for and they thought one is “supposed to tweet every day and didn’t think  they would have that much to say.”

In light of the results of the research, Twitter decided to do the following to remedy the situation:

  • They will launch a new look which will reflect the people who make Twitter what it is where they will show its diversity.
  • Twitter will roll out marketing which includes digital and video ads which will apparently let people see what is happening on Twitter.

This is a positive move by the company as they try to figure what Twitter is for the confused populace who have access to the internet. In addition, the solutions presented will also be under scrutiny when they are implemented to see if they will be effective.


  1. I honestly will never understand why this company is focused on becoming a social network/ media company (Facebook-esque) while they have unlimited possibilities as a data one.
    Twitter can kill it with analytics and related services. I certainly agree, There is need to remain a media-fronted firm for the same data but data is where th money and growth should create these synergies now!

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