Microsoft did 4 million Windows 8 upgrades in launch weekend

Microsoft Windows 8 upgrades

Microsoft Windows 8 upgrades

During a recent keynote address Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO gave stats of the progress of Microsoft since launch on the 25th October, and these included a mention of the rise in laptop sales during the launch weekend by 20%. Worthy of note is the 4 million users who purchased the Windows 8 upgrade during that first weekend it got on sale. Microsoft gave options for sale via the Microsoft Store where the price was cheaper than purchase of physical DVDs.

Upgrades from Windows 7 were cheaper and for users who purchased devices running Windows 7 since June to next year January the price is $15 if you can get your details right and register for the bonus on the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade offer site. Microsoft is however tight-lipped over the number of Microsoft Surface device sold so far, with the device not available for sale in several markets.

Source: The Verge