UK phone shops recommend Galaxy S 3 and Note II over others

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S IIIThis seems like something that would come naturally following the sequence of events in the mobile phones world. I mean, Samsung ousting both Apple and Nokia out of their comfort zone, then Samsung Galaxy S III being the fastest selling smartphone of 2012 and lastly the Galaxy Note being branded by many reviews as the best smartphone of 2012 based on features, irrespective of size. There is a saying in the tech blogs that “once you go Note you don’t go back”. Well, and here it goes.

Informa Telecoms and Media did a survey in the UK using mystery shoppers to go to retailers in the UK, mainly John Lewis, Everything Everywhere, O2, 3, Maplins, PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U. Aim was to determine which smartphone was recommended most by retailers. You realize that the UK gets almost all releases of devices unlike some markets like in Africa where device manufacturers choose to minor on and sell a few select devices mostly mass market products. So the mystery shoppers went on to rate shops on window displays, in-store promotions and also ask sales assistants to recommend three smartphones or tablets.

Samsung got the juice of recommendations with the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note taking the cream of recommendations. The iphone 5 came third while devices from Motorola and RIM did quite poorly in the random survey.


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