Sisi Ni Amani partners with Safaricom to launch SMS for peace


SMS is probably the oldest of M-vitus and is a very useful technology to convey information. It is so valuable and undemanding yet so perilous depending on how we use it. Sisi ni Amani in collaboration with Safaricom has taken a noble step to use it for the greater good and for the well being of this nation. Sisi Ni Amani is a Kenyan based nonprofit organization that was founded in the year 2010 and advocates for the use of SMS alerts to preach peace. This initiative came as a result of seeing the impact of SMS during 2007/08 skirmishes.At the time, the SMS service was used to spread hate which fueled the skirmishes.

Sisi ni Amani Kenya sends out texts alerts preaching peace and the good thing  is that the messages are customized to fit a subscribers current location. You get real time messages averting looming danger due to hate speech. Peace is a continuous process and an integral part to the well being of any nation and so spread peace. The SMS alerts are free of charge to receive.

To subscribe to SMS alerts from Sisi Ni Amani, dial *762# and to unsubscribe you can send ‘stop’ to 22762.