Election mapping and Monitoring platform Uchaguzi launched in Kenya

uchaguzi elections platform

uchaguzi elections platform

Uchaguzi, an election monitoring platform has been launched in Kenya just 3 weeks before the 2013 Kenya elections. This platform came about as a result of a joint initiative between Ushahidi, Hivos, Creco, Umati and SODNET. The platform, a near-realtime solution seeks to assist monitor the elections happening in March 4th by assisting elections observers and citizens collaborate in the process.

Technology is only 10% of the story
Users will be able to report in real-time, what is happening around them and this will be refpected immediately in the Uchaguzi platform. 2007 elections brought about a need to have things managed by the citizen and most importantly, the Kenyan who wishes the best for their country. What Uchaguzi presents is verification and deployments, where the collected data can be used by the various arms of government to respond hastily in the case of violence or hate speech.

There are 4 methods a user can participate in reporting anything election related and negative.:

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