Safaricom Sambaza data bundles “Internet Sambaza” is finally here



Safaricom, the largest mobile network operator in Kenya, always gets the requests of services changes and improvements from subscribers before others, mainly because it’s a known implementer. Safaricom has done so many things before the competition, and with its huge number of subscribers they mostly always scale.
Currently one is able to share airtime and send money over Safaricom network and other MNOs in Kenya. Many users have been requesting for this to be extended to the data offering where one would share data bundles either from their phone to modem or among peers. This is finally going to happen as of Sunday the 17th of February.
Speaking about this new product Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore said, “Internet Sambaza is yet another first for Safaricom as we embark on the exciting journey of democratizing data and ushering in more users to the information age which is pushed through our mix of affordable connectivity and smart devices .”

How is it going to be done?
Sharing Internet bundles via Internet Sambaza will be accessed by dialling short code *544# and selecting Internet Sambaza and thereafter following prompts to enter data bundle and number you intend to send to. Safaricom subscribers, both individual post-pay and prepaid subscribers will access this service immediately. In my opinion this is a very welcome idea that would save time for tablet users and other smart devices where you could buy right from Mpesa and sambaza to your device.