Burger King twitter account hacked for over an hour

Burger King twitter Hacked

Burger King twitter Hacked

The last two hours must be the toughest for Burger King Social Media, and PR handlers. The @burgerKing twitter account was accessed and hilarious tweets were the order of the hour. The first tweet mentioned that Burger King had been sold to McDonalds and others that followed were quite negative with one bearing gross images alluded to things Burger King staff do. The tweets included shoutouts and retweets from twitter users who noticed it was a hacked account. There was even a tweet that went as far as showing a getty image which is a clear smear that employees use drugs. Even Chief Keef had his moment when this video was tweeted on the timeline

It took over an hour to get twitter to suspend the account and prevent further damage, although the number of followers gained during that melee was huge. Moments before it was suspended, the last tweet read “100,000 FOLLOWERS BURGER KING BETTER THUMB THRU DA CHECK” while the account already had 106,992 followers.


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