Tempo vs. Siri, and the Future of Smartphone Assistants

Siri vs iTempo

Siri vs Tempo

Phone assistants have been available for the last couple of years, but in the past their uses have remained idle and nothing new has presented itself to the table. However, the trend is going to change as manufacturers look to stand out from the rest by improving phone assistant technology, so consumers can expect some groundbreaking features to be introduced. Consumers should also keep an eye on Asian phone makers such as Huawei.

A phone assistant that has done well in recent times is Siri. Siri was introduced back with iPhone 4S and has been able to make way in the hearts of consumers. The assistant does everything the user instructs through the use of voice commands. The latest iOS 6 firmware brought updates to Siri, and users are able to post content on social media by speaking out, even when the screen of the device is locked with a passcode.

Latest cars are now being integrated with Siri, and the assistant will allow the driver to make use of the Eyes Free mode, which means the person in the car would be able to interact with the screen without actually using the handset, and the screen won’t lit up as distractions could lead to an accident.

Now there is a new kid on the bloc in the form of Tempo, an iOS calendar app that acts as a personal assistant, relying on Artificial Intelligence to connect different contacts of the users. The app makes use of personal e-mail and integrates this information in the calendar, which enables automatic appropriate appointments.

Raj Sing, CEO and founder of TempoAI, believes Cupertino should make it native just like Siri. Tempo makes conference calls easier, works on the internet to find flight statuses and acts smart by telling the user drive times and when is the next meeting.

He also states what Tempo offers will cost a lot more for Apple to purchase than Siri did because the fruit company would want to keep it away from the likes of Google and Facebook.

Tempo also filters unimportant e-mails from the inbox by creating separate filters, unsubscribes the e-mail owner from unwanted mailing lists and gives a dramatic clean-up to the mail box.

Personal assistant technological advancements will continue to be made as people use them for getting directions, engaging on social media and multitasking.