Orange Kenya takes reverse Calls to the mobile phone with NiSort

Orange Kenya

Orange KenyaIn the days when fixed telephones were a preserve of the rich, that’s in the 90s for Kenya, reverse calls were quite an important feature, but were priced and naturally they were fixed calls. Since mobile phones came in and revolutionized the way we communicate, these became old fashioned as you couldn’t make the fixed telephone your primary communications channel.

There came other products modeled for the phone, these are please call me messages where a user gets a message request from another to call them back. Orange Kenya has today brought back the reverse calls, now to the mobile phone branded “NiSort”. These will be accessible via either dialing 128 followed by the recipient’s mobile number or *128# and following USSD prompts.

NiSort is available for all pre-paid customers and users are able to set a white list of numbers whose NiSort requests will go through automatically. In my opinion, this is quite a handy product in families where your parent can set family members on the white list and the children can call in irrespective of whether they have credit or not. Mostly during emergencies where you wont have time to dial please call me messages that might take time to be responded to.