Nokia Video of Dawn Richard #SwitchToLumia features an iPhone

Dawn Richards iphone Switch to Lumia

Dawn Richards iphone Switch to Lumia

Nokia earlier today published a video on it’s Nokia global Youtube account to show musician Dawn Richard confessing her love for Nokia’s Lumia 920. It all goes smoothly and she has either rehearsed well or actually uses the phone and loves it, but her stylist has an iPhone in the video as seen on 0:07.

Well, you would forgive the stylist, for her it may not matter, but for Nokia allowing that to go through is either a bad goof or trying to show us that this is a natural scenario. Whatever the case, I don’t think it was wise having the iPhone pop in there. Nokia was under criticism for recording a video demonstrating OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on Lumia 920 late last year during promo.

Windows and Oprah also had a similar scenario where she tweeted her love for Windows 8 on her iPad. Alicia Keys also did share her love for Blackberry Z10 and was seen on the streets carrying an iPhone, but the time-line was never fixed on that so we cannot say for sure that she did that before or after.

See video here: