Samsung’s first quarter profit rises by 53% in 5th quarter streak

samsung headquarters

samsung headquartersSamsung will be announcing first quarter results on the 26th of April and has since posted profit guide indicating that this quarter is just like the previous four. Profits! Samsung has estimates of 8.7 trillion won operating profit ($7.7 billion) marking a 53% rise from previous quarter.
This coming in a period just before the 2013 flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S 4 comes into the market is quite something and Samsung is expected to have a spike in sales of their smartphones. The profits are attributed to Mid-tier smartphones sales over the last few months where they pushed into the market devices in virtually every segment.

At the moment, Samsung is the biggest technology firm globally by revenue. Samsung is reported to splash some 10 billion dollars in marketing the flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S 4 so we are in for another bout of record sales.

via Reuters