Samsung Releases The First Galaxy S4 Commercials


If you thought the 2012 Galaxy S III commercials bashing the iPhone were the best, think again. Even before the Galaxy S4 goes on sale, the stage is set for the next round of media spotlight on the best that OEMs have to offer.

Samsung is set to start shipping the Galaxy S4 in a few days’ time. In anticipation of the impending global release, it has released 3 ads showcasing various features that are found on the Galaxy S4.

Have a look:

S Translator

Well, I have no idea what it does different from Google’s recently updated Translate app but well, see for yourself and judge.

Group Play

Well, this is according to me the coolest of the three ads. Just made me salivate, literally!

Sound Shot

The Zoe of the new Galaxy, Sound Shot allows one to capture upto 9 seconds of sound before capturing the image. it looks great. Have a peek.

Do the above videos whet your S4 appetite?


  1. I concur that group play ad does excite. What I do wonder is, the voice training of the S Translator, just like other apps before it (S Voice, SIRI and other voice assistants) will we have a similar easy time with our African accent?

    • Just admit it you have a terrible accent 🙂

      I’ve always had issues with these virtual assistants and any app that requires voice input as far as accents are concerned. Google Translate has never been easy on me but I hope this one will be a redemption of sorts. Many of us lack those mid-western Capital style accents but it makes the whole point of using it even interesting.

  2. Good promotion of the new upcoming device samsung galaxy s4 which will prove to be the best smartphone for 2013. samsung has launched good phones with all the latest and best feature.

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