Google Mobile introduces Quick View


In December 2012 rumours as well as blogs indicated that Google was working on a new feature named “Quick View” for their smart phone enabled search results. The feature lets you load a page from the source web site in a quicker method, instead of loading the full page, which requires a longer download time. I’ve been following up on this & I can personally confirm its existence especially in the African ‘market’. Quick view is seen and can be accessed as viewed below (screenshots from a Galaxy S3):

A search query

What you see when you click Quick View:

Quick View of Wikipedia

After several random searches I came to a conclusion (and I may be wrong), so far it only works on Wikipedia, but it works so well. The Google cached page pops up like it was stored within your phone. I’m really hoping this feature is brought to more sites & hence this will really enhance the experience of modern day mobile browsing.