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Senegalese-Born Artiste Akon To Launch Cryptocurrency, Akoin and Other African Tech Stories

Akon to launch Akoin and is building his own Wakanda The American-based Senegalese artist says the cryptocurrency will be the currency of choice in Akon...
wikimedia shuts down wikipedia zero

Wikipedia Zero Will Be Discontinued This Year, 800 Million People Affected

Wikipedia has grown to be quite important due to its huge database of articles of practically anything and you can learn a lot from...
wikipedia most popular articles 2017

Bitcoin, Trump and Entertainment News Commanded the Most Attention on Wikipedia in 2017

Wikipedia released a list of their most viewed articles and it has few surprises

China Is Prepping a Home-Baked Wikipedia Rival

China is known for many things, including its policy of internet censorship that prevents people in its mainland from accessing websites that are considered...

5 Million Articles Have So Far Been Published on English Wikipedia

Wikipedia (English), the popular web portal that is home to information on just about anything on the face of the earth and beyond has...

Jehovah’s Witness, WWE and George Bush Among Most Edited Wikipedia Pages

Anyone can edit Wikipedia pages. Off course there is some level of moderation as to who can publish the content. In that case, the...

Wikipedia To Use HTTP And HSTS Security To Stop Governments Censorship

Wikipedia has announced they are in the process of implementing HTTPS by default to all its traffic. According to the company, this is not...

Google Mobile introduces Quick View

In December 2012 rumours as well as blogs indicated that Google was working on a new feature named “Quick View” for their smart phone...

Google already has a President for Kenya

This is rather interesting of Google Now. If you do a search on Google for "Who is Kenya's......." the all knowing Google, just like...