Lumia 920…a software disaster?



The frequent restarts, How did Nokia get is so wrong? Why can’t Microsoft get more apps in their store? Why isn’t Microsoft cutting in roads with Google? Why are some big developers shunning Windows Phone 8? What’s the update roadmap for Windows Phones?


These are the tough questions, so far, with no answers, which are plaguing most if not all Windows Phone 8 users, or maybe just me. I’ve used a Lumia 920 for a couple of months now and the lack of apps as compared to Android or iOS is NOTICEABLE, but that’s not what pushed me over the fence. Recently (more prevalently) & for a while, the Lumia 920 in use has been restarting UNNECESARILY. At first you might say it’s how I use the phone, multitasking & all, until you realize even when idle it still restarts. This plague has hit many a windows Phone 8 users, especially those on the Nokia side of life. An update issued recently increases the rate at which it restarts rather than fixing it.

So far no update on when the phone will get another update fixing this, but the phone has now been rendered useless, as the restarts are too frequent.** Maybe this is just a glitch with a specific number of phones, but the number of articles on the web complaining about the same problem should leave Nokia worried as this DENTS the image they’ve been trying so hard to build.

**NOTE: Nokia East Africa has a stable and working OS and for all with the problem stated above visit your nearest Nokia Care Centre for ‘immediate’ reprieve. As this is a software issue, it’s covered under warranty & if you aren’t under it (bought from a different region), Nokia Care centres will have a solution for you. Thanks to guys at Nokia for this information.

***photo courtesy of Phone Arena