The future definitely is Glass…Google Glass


Below are some reasons why I believe Google Glass is the future.


Look at Today and then consider the direction we are heading:

◾The devices we use will disappear and become part of what we we wear. For now, we have to fit smartphones in our pockets and avoid using them when we drive.

◾Virtual assistants, such as the navigation assistant on Google Maps or Nuance Nina, will become ever more common. But people will still act as guides and customer-service reps.

◾People can & will work remotely, not in the factories. They will be trained to manage the data from the machines. We see the first glimpses of this at Internet-scale data centers. But for some time to come, most factories will need lots of people to manage them.


Google Glass will make its way, despite its current shortcomings, which include:

Use cases are a still a big question mark, yet augmented reality in the workplace seems more relevant than ever before with a wearable technology like Google Glass.

Battery power is an issue that limits Google Glass capabilities but we know we can adapt so we can do things we never could before.

◾There is no ecosystem for Google Glass, but we can expect that developers are right now creating the first generation of apps that will herald a new era in wearable computing.

◾The devices are still in limited use. For that matter, so were smartphones at one time.

Workflows need to evolve — how will the collaboration work? How will apps connect? Mobile workflows have just started to emerge with smartphones. Leaps to wearable devices will take time to understand. The reality will come when people need new ways to get their work done in ways not possible before.

Cost needs to come down, currently it stands above 1500 $. It’s a certainty, though, that this drop in price will happen.

All in all, we are headed there…where’s there you may ask?…to a new dawn in technology.


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