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Google Seeks Trademark on “Glass” for its Headset

Google Glass has created a lot of airwaves since it came up on the tech scene. But a quiet war takes place between the...

You Can Now Wink to Take a Picture on Google Glass

Google now allows Glass users to take photos by winking. Glass Explorer Edition could only access this feature through a third-party app before the...

Samsung said to be working on a Google Glass competitor, Gear Glass

Wearable tech, as Google’s Glass and the emerging smart watches are commonly referred to may not be huge right now but for tech enthusiasts...

Wearable Computing: Looking into the future

Wearable computing is the next step after the smartphone 'fad' ends. This my opinion is backed by a report released in April by Forrester...

Google Glass Source Code Released to the Public

The past week saw Google open up Google Glass for developers. This was done quietly on April 27th. The code is available as a...

The future definitely is Glass…Google Glass

Below are some reasons why I believe Google Glass is the future. Look at Today and then consider the direction we are heading: ◾The devices we...
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Is Google Glass good for you?

As with every great & new technology users are are always wary of some things. Below are some of those concerning Glass. Privacy (private...

Google Project Glass A GAME CHANGER!

What is Project Glass? Google Glass is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass...

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